‘In God We Trust’ Plates Proposed By Ga. Legislators

A bill pre-filed in the Georgia Assembly would require the words “In God We Trust” to be emblazoned on all of the state’s license plates unless drivers pay to cover up the motto.

If passed, SB 293 would require all vehicle license plates to display “In God We Trust,” and anyone who does not wish to display the motto would have to purchase a sticker with the name of their county of residence. This is the opposite of current law, which mandates that county names are printed on license plates, but they can be covered with a sticker that says “In God We Trust.”

The website Georgia Politico is no fan of this proposal, which is sponsored by Sen. Bill Heath (R-Bremen) and three Senate colleagues.

“In other words, if you feel the government should not be establishing a religion, you are going to have to pay to prove it,” the site said.

In a legislative blog post on Americans United’s website, AU Legislative Assistant Emily Krueger agreed.

“Mandating that individuals pay money to the government in order to not flaunt religious views is absolutely ridiculous,” observed Krueger. “We will be following this bill carefully when the legislature comes back in session in January.”