February 2011 Church & State | AU Bulletin

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet announced in December that the state will now offer an “In God We Trust” license plate.

The tag will be one of only two options available to Kentuckians for the basic price of $21. The other is the traditional plate that uses the state slogan, “Unbridled Spir.” If drivers want to purchase a specialty plate for various causes, schools and organizations, those are available for a premium price.

The new plates will be available for 2011, and the cabinet hoped to have 95,000 of the “In God We Trust” plates available by mid-January.

“The cabinet often receives comments from people out in the state expressing interest in having something like this,” cabinet spokesman Chuck Wolf told the Louisville Courier-Journal. “The cabinet believes there’s a sizable group of people who would like to have this choice.”

The Rev. Paul Simmons, president of the Louisville Americans United Chapter, said the new plates were a bad idea.

“It’s the kind of deism, a general God, that’s offensive to people who take religion seriously, and to those who take separation [of church and state] seriously,” he told the newspaper. “I dislike this sort of bumper-sticker, license-plate religion.”