April 2015 Church & State | AU Bulletin

A camper operated by Bible Club Ministries has been removed from Hudsonville South Elementary School in Hudsonville, Mich., following citizen complaints.

Students attended Bible study in the camper during lunch and recess periods. Photos obtained by local secular activist Mitch Kahle show the vehicle parked in the school parking lot; the side of the camper read “Public education can also include the Bible.”

“It’s been more than 70 years since the Supreme Court required public schools to separate themselves from religion,” Kahle told WZZM-TV. “In no case is a Bible class allowed on public school property while school is in session; this means during recess, this means during lunch hour.”

Kahle says concerned parents contacted his organization, the Michigan Association of Civil Rights Activists (MACRA). MACRA also reported that flyers advertising the ministry were posted around the school building; those flyers have since been removed. School administrators told WZZM they believed the activity did not violate the Constitution but removed the flyers and the camper after receiving advice from their attorney. The vehicle reportedly makes visits to other public schools but does so during after-school hours.