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Pat's Pique: Robertson v. AU's Feisty Ferrets

TV preacher Pat Robertson simply can't help himself. When given the opportunity to discuss any issue involving the separation of church and state, he inevitably lobs falsehoods and personal attacks at his opponents. Instead of reasoned debate, Pat would rather assail the other side with ad hominem attacks and outright lies.

That's just what he did yesterday on his "700 Club" broadcast.

First The 10 C's, Now The Whole Bible?

Defenders of church-state separation hoped that the court defeat of Judge Roy Moore's 5,280-pound Ten Commandments monument would discourage others from following the same unconstitutional course. Now it seems that instead of just wanting to display the Commandments, some Religious Right activists are agitating for the entire Christian Bible.

S.C. Officials Defend Christians-Only Prayer

Darla Kayne Wynne, a South Carolina Wiccan, sued Great Falls town officials for opening their meetings with only Christian prayers, and she has won at every level of the courts. Government, the judges held, can't favor one faith over others.

After last month's victory before a three-judge panel of the 4th U.S. Circuit of Appeals, Wynne went home thinking the case was over. A unanimous ruling from the usually conservative court all but ensures that the decision will stand.

Suffer The Little Children: Focus On The Family And 'Hot Saucing'

Focus on the Family founder James C. Dobson is controversial in part for his endorsement of spanking. The Religious Right leader's book Dare to Discipline endorsed corporal punishment at a time when many child-rearing experts were recommending other discipline techniques that did not rely on the infliction of physical pain.

Apparently, some Dobson acolytes have now concluded that a smack on the behind or striking a kid with a paddle is not punishment enough and have sought out more creative ways to inflict pain on recalcitrant youngsters. Enter "hot saucing."

Kansas Devolves, Again

The last time Kansas updated its science curriculum standards, we all know what happened. Religious Right-oriented members of the Kansas Board of Education tried to eliminate virtually every reference to evolutionary biology from the K-12 curriculum.

National and international outrage brought shame on the whole state. In the next election, the far-right members were swept out of office and replaced by moderates eager to restore science to science classrooms.

Roy Moore Just Keeps Going and Going and Going....

The tenacious former Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court Roy Moore is continuing his quixotic quest against church-state separation. Rejected by every court that heard his Ten Commandments display case and kicked off the bench for spurning a federal court order, Moore is looking to the U.S. Supreme Court for his final reprieve.