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Bayou Battle: Zack Kopplin Fights To Access Public Records On Louisiana’s ‘Science Act,’ Voucher Program

Louisiana’s voucher program is in some real trouble thanks to a federal lawsuit alleging that the scheme hinders federally mandated desegregation in many school districts, but before answering to the U.S. Department of Justice, the state will have to deal with a 20-year-old who advocates for sound science education.     Read more

Texas Textbook Trouble: Lone Star State Faces Yet Another Creationist Push

The Religious Right’s creationist campaign continues to threaten Texas public schools.

The controversy began when Texas’ State Board of Education appointed a number of creationists to review panels meant to ensure the quality of new biology textbooks. Despite valid concerns raised by watchdogs like the Texas Freedom Network (TFN), creationists remained on the panels.
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Barking Over A Seal: Fla. Residents Not Happy Over AU's DeLand Cross Protest

Some of the good citizens of DeLand, Fla., aren’t very happy with Americans United right now.

Recently, AU attorneys wrote to officials in the town of about 27,000 after we received a complaint about the city seal, which features a prominent cross. The story ended up in the media and has stirred up some of the community’s residents. AU has been on the receiving end of their wrath. Read more

Indiana AU Hosts Rev. Steven Baines

Tomorrow night the Indiana AU chapter is hosting Rev. Steven Baines, who will speak on the topic "Religious Liberty or Religious Coercion: What is Really at Stake with Religious Freedom in America?"  The event takes place Tuesday, September 10, at 7 PM, at Broadway United Methodist Church, 609 East 29th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46205. Read more

He’s Baaaaaaack!: Disgraced ‘Christian Nation’ Advocate David Barton Sought By Politicians Looking To Court Religious Right

Texas-based “historian” and “Christian nation” advocate David Barton seems to have some kind of superpower – no matter how many times he is disgraced or proven wrong, he somehow bounces back. Now, despite a string of embarrassments, he seems to be forging a career as an informal advisor to top Republicans seeking to court the Religious Right. Read more

Orange County (CA) AU Hosts Climate Change Discussion

We are heading for a new warming planet, one that we have not seen since before humans walked the Earth; one where our agriculture may no longer feed the world’s people; one where the norms of civilization may cease to exist.  Yet instead of embracing the science, some religious leaders are denying climate change, quoting Biblical passages to support their views.  Unfortunately, there are many in our government who embrace these religious views at the expense of science.  Others deny the science because of moneyed interests who can pay for business as usual.

Heart Of Darkness: Pat Robertson’s African Adventures Are News Again

Pat Robertson’s in the news again and as usual, it’s not for anything good. A new documentary confirms allegations that his charity, Operation Blessing, used supporter donations to mine diamonds in what is now the Democratic Republic of Congo.
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Dear Prudie, Thanks For The Plug!: Slate Advice Columnist Says AU Could Help Parent Whose Kids Face Religious Coercion In School

I’m a regular reader of Dear Prudence, a.k.a. Emily Yoffe, who doles out advice on all sorts of things from romance to workplace politics. That’s why I’m pleased to see that she mentioned Americans United as an option for a distressed parent who wrote in complaining that her son’s elementary school teacher is excited to proselytize in class. Read more

Russian Caravan: Religious Right Groups Latch Onto Nation’s Extreme Anti-Gay Laws

Russia’s harsh new anti-gay laws have drawn global outcry – but they’re also receiving support from some unexpected quarters. A faction within the Religious Right has put aside its historical distrust of the former “evil empire” to lavish praise on the country’s efforts to curtail the gay rights movement.
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