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Over The Moon: Religion Troubles The Ky. GOP's Big Tent

Religion and politics can be a combustible mixture. In Kentucky, a battle for control of the local Republican party ended in fisticuffs last weekend when two delegates argued over religion. According to the Louisville Courier-Journal, John Lawlor and Peter Hayes became embroiled in a heated exchange over who would attend the upcoming Republican National Convention. The gentlemen had "words" after the convention.

Pope Outpolls Robertson, Falwell Among Evangelicals

The media reflexively turn to TV preachers Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson to represent the voice of evangelicals. And they both have reliably provided reporters and broadcasters with colorful commentary on an array of topics. But maybe in the future, Pope John Paul II would be a better spokesman for evangelicals.

Don't Emulate JFK, Priest Tells Colorado Legislators

Controversy erupted on the floor of the Colorado House April 13 after a Catholic priest encouraged lawmakers to "be the antithesis of John Kennedy." According to the Associated Press, the Rev. Bill Carmody insisted that legislators should vote according to their religious convictions. His opening prayer before the assembly directly criticized President John F. Kennedy's legacy of defending both his Catholic identity and separation of church and state.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Jefferson

Today Mr. Jefferson (Thomas, not George) would be 261 years old. Thomas Jefferson was born on April 13, 1743, at Shadwell in Albermarle County, Va. Most famous for writing the Declaration of Independence while a member of the Continental Congress at the age of 33, Jefferson contributed greatly to the history of separation between church and state. Jefferson wrote the original draft of the 1786 Virginia Statute For Religious Freedom, which would later serve as inspiration for the Religion Clauses in the U.S. Constitution's Bill of Rights.

Welcome to the Weblog

Almost every day it seems that the Religious Right finds a new way to chip away at the wall of separation between church and state. But Americans United is fighting back on many fronts. In the last month alone, I have testified before Congress, debated Religious Right leaders on television and sat in on arguments at the Supreme Court in the Pledge of Allegiance case. We are pressing lawsuits against "faith-based" funding and voucher aid to religious schools. And we are monitoring and challenging the use – and abuse - of religion in Campaign 2004.