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Marriage In Maryland: Law Prof Challenges Bible-Based Legislation

The Maryland General Assembly has been considering a proposal that would amend the state's constitution to bar same-sex marriages. The measure was rejected in the House, but is being discussed in the Senate.

Earlier this month, a debate in a Senate committee showcased what has been obvious about this issue since its inception – the primary force behind this effort is the fundamentalist Christian movement.

During the Judiciary Committee's consideration of SB 690, Sen. Nancy Jacobs (R) heralded the Religious Right's offensive against same-sex unions.

Invasion Of Piety: Kentucky Lawmakers Should Flunk This 'Religious Test'

In a conservative church, being asked if you have accepted Jesus Christ as your personal savior is to be expected. But in political discourse, the question is more than a little jarring.

The issue of "religious tests" for public office recently came to a head in Kentucky, where Jeff Sharp, county attorney for Barren County, is working with a church youth group to ask all Kentucky legislators and legislative candidates one question: "Have you accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior?"

Misguided Missionary: Teacher Can't Promote Religion In Classroom, Says Court

A federal court in Virginia has refused to buy into the arguments of a public school teacher that his rights were violated when the principal removed posters with religious messages from his classroom bulletin board.

The 35-page opinion from U.S. District Judge Rebecca Beach Smith relied on decades-old precedent that says public schools are not wide-open public forums and that public school teachers do not have unbridled free speech rights during the work day, just as students don't.

Victory In Utah: House Rejects Backdoor Creationism Bill

Advocates of "intelligent design" creationism suffered another setback recently when the Utah Senate rejected a bill that would have weakened the teaching of evolution in the state.

The so-called "Origins of Life" bill would have required Utah science teachers to read a disclaimer to their students asserting that not all scientists agree with evolution. Such disclaimers are a common tactic of intelligent-design (ID) advocates, who seek to instill doubts about the validity of evolution.

Donation Diversion: Maryland Churches Pass The Plate For Politicians

When you drop a donation into the collection plate at your chosen house of worship, is the money spent for religious purposes or does it wind up in the campaign coffers of some politician?

The Baltimore Sun reported yesterday that more than a 100 Maryland churches have contributed money to political candidates. According to The Sun's study, thousands of church dollars have wound up supporting politicians.

Emergency In Georgia: Bill Threatens Church-State Separation

The Georgia House of Representatives is considering a bill that gravely threatens separation of church and state. HR 1345 would amend Article I, Section II of Georgia's Constitution, which governs religious freedom. This constitutional provision has protected the separation of church and state for 229 years. The safeguards that have helped religion flourish in Georgia since 1777 must not be abandoned.