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Minnesota (Not So) Nice: Partisan Pastor Claims Right To Violate Federal Tax Law

Yesterday Americans United asked the Internal Revenue Service to investigate a Warroad, Minn., church whose pastor told congregants in a sermon that no Christian can vote for Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama.

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune picked up on the story today. Reporter Pat Doyle interviewed Pastor Gus Booth of Warroad Community Church, and the paper reprinted the entire text of Booth's May 18 sermon. Read more

Novel Idea: Ralph Reed Reinvents Himself As A Writer Of Fiction

When we last heard from Ralph Reed, the former Christian Coalition executive director turned political consultant was running for lieutenant governor of Georgia.

Ralph had it all planned – four years in the lieutenant governor's office, then governor. After that, he could run for U.S. Senate or maybe even seek the White House. The political road ahead looked smooth for TV preacher Pat Robertson's former front man. Read more

'Real' Bigotry: Religious Right Appeals For 'Real Christian' Veep Nominee

Religion has played a large -- and largely unfortunate -- role in the presidential race so far. Reporters have grilled candidates on their sins, their prayers and their personal beliefs about God. The candidates, in turn, have wooed -- and then often spurned -- religious leaders who turn out to be too incendiary for the average American voter. It's been quite an unholy mess! Read more

Holy Hypocrisy!: Did Ex-Rep. Istook Leave Something Under His Christmas Tree For Lobbying Lout Abramoff?

Ten years ago tomorrow, the U.S. House of Representatives voted on a so-called "Religious Freedom Amendment" sponsored by former Rep. Ernest "Jim" Istook of Oklahoma.

I remember the vote well. Americans United and its allies had mobilized a broad umbrella organization, the Coalition to Preserve Religious Liberty, to oppose Istook's dangerous scheme. We worked on the issue for months. Read more