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Birth Control Battle: The Right Wing’s Long-Running Attack On Contraceptives

American writer Theodore Dreiser’s 1925 novel An American Tragedy deals with the story of a socially ambitious young man who, dismayed because he has impregnated his working-class girlfriend, engineers her death.

The book was banned in some cities – but not because of its depiction of murder. Rather, conservative religious leaders feared that a plot hinging on an unwanted pregnancy would spur young people to get curious about birth control. Read more

Lookadon’t: Christian Motivational Speaker Now In Legal Trouble

Late last year, I told the tale of a public high school assembly gone terribly awry. Justin Lookadoo, a prominent Christian motivational speaker, appeared at Richardson High School in Dallas, Texas, to dispense “relationship advice” to students. In a startling twist, Lookadoo’s presentation on “Dateability” turned out to be sectarian—and sexist, too.

Just in case you’ve forgotten about him, let me remind you.
Read more

Pulpit PAC: Miss. Pastors Plan Big – And Possibly Illegal – Push For Embattled Senator

Voters in Mississippi are headed to the polls tomorrow for an important run-off election. U.S. Sen. Thad Cochran is locked in a tight battle against a state senator, Chris McDaniel, in a Republican primary.

Cochran has served in the Senate since 1978, but he’s running scared against McDaniel, an aggressive Tea Party challenger. The incumbent senator hopes to pull out a win based on an unusual weapon: black churches. Read more

March To Nowhere: D.C. Anti-Gay Event Was Heavy On Rhetoric But Low On Facts

Yesterday I had the dubious pleasure of attending a rally on the lawn of the U.S. Capitol, where about 2,000 people gathered to proclaim their support for what they believe is “traditional” marriage: a legal union of one man and one woman. Read more