It’s January, and that means state legislatures around the country are coming back in session. As of today, legislatures in 27 states and two territories have gaveled in. Another six start tomorrow. We’ll be working to defend religious freedom in each one of them.

In fact, just a few days into January, we are already monitoring more than 160 bills that would affect religious freedom. These bills would create private school voucher programs, allow people and organizations to use religion to discriminate and unconstitutionally allow religion in public school curricula.

Over the next two weeks, we’re going to help prepare you for the legislative fights you might find in your state. We’ll be writing about each of these issues – private school vouchers, using religion to discriminate and religion in public schools – and about the states where we expect to see the toughest fights.

California Senate

Americans United is busy monitoring church-state legislation in the states. 

But state legislatures can be unpredictable. They also move fast – a state bill introduced today could pass by the end of the week. That is why you should sign up for our action alerts. If you sign up, we will keep you updated on what is happening in your state and how, with the click of a button, you can make a difference.

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When it comes to fighting bad legislation in your state, your voice matters a lot. Each and every time you write, call or tweet about a bill, people in the legislature pay attention. Together, we can make a difference and defend religious freedom.