Missionary Man

TV Preacher D. James Kennedy And His Allies Are Targeting Public School Children For Evangelism

Like many Religious Right figures, D. James Kennedy can't decide what to do about public education. On one hand, Kennedy has endorsed calls for fundamentalist Christians to remove their children from public schools. On the other, he and his followers ... Read »

Pat Robertson's Advice To Barry Lynn: Get A Life!

The truth must be told. I have to "get a life." I know this because Pat Robertson told me. Not only did he tell me, he told a large chunk of the Washington press corps at the same time. During a recent news conference announcing his plan to spen ... Read »

April 1999 AU Bulletin

Charitable Choice 'Avalanche' Moving In Congress Five separate bills with "charitable choice" provisions that entangle church and state are moving in Congress this session. "It's an avalanche," said Julie Segal, American ... Read »

Paying Tribute To Pat

Hodel Resigns As President Of The Christian Coalition, Amid Intrigue In The Robertson Empire

Ten years have taken Pat Robertson from the farther edge of televangelism to be the subject of a tribute film of a sort usually reserved for the retired or the dead. The film was presented at a national Christian Coalition forum on Feb. 6 at the Center of ... Read »

Pat's Plot Thickens

Hodel Resigns As President Of The Christian Coalition, Amid Intrigue In The Robertson Empire

At a secret meeting of state Christian Coalition activists in September 1997, TV preacher Pat Robertson announced that he had recently told Coalition President Don Hodel, "My dear friend, I want to hold out to you the possibility of selecting the nex ... Read »

Apocalypse Now?

How Religious Right Fear Mongers Are Exploiting The Y2K Computer Problem For Cash and Political Gain

Right-wing Christian fundamentalist activist Gary North believes he has seen the future-- and it doesn't look rosy. On Jan. 1, 2000, he asserts, the so-called "Y2K computer bug" will spark widespread power failures, shut down banks and stor ... Read »

Doubting Thomas

Supreme Court Justice Again Raises Ethical, Legal Concerns In Speech to Right-Wing Group

Brushing aside protests from church-state separationists, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas spoke to a Feb. 9 Washington, D.C., dinner of the arch-conservative think tank Claremont Institute. The appearance came despite an appeal from Americans United ... Read »

Tearing Down The Church-State Wall: The European Strategy

Prof. Jan de Groof is quite blunt in his assessment of the American approach to church-state relations. "[I]t is our conviction that separation is a completely outdated concept," he says. De Groof, president of the European Society for Education ... Read »

Tinky Winky Tempest: A Televangelist vs. The Teletubbies

It all began in a Texas hotel room. What did? The interstate conspiracy that would soon make headlines around the world. I was on a speaking tour, and I called the Americans United office to talk to Joe Conn, AU's director of communications. He claim ... Read »

March 1999 AU Bulletin

Religious Right Grills GOP Presidential Candidates Religious Right leaders, hoping to come together behind a single candidate in the 2000 presidential race, recently held an interview session with six potential Republican candidates. The Committee to Rest ... Read »