Discrimination Denounced

Americans United Joins A Broad Coalition Telling The White House It's Time To End Hiring Bias In The 'Faith-Based' Initiative

The year was 2008. The place was Zanesville, Ohio, a town of just over 25,000 that calls itself “Pottery Capital of the World” and the “Clay City” for its ceramics production. Then-Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama was giving a standard campa ... Read »

Ten Myths About The Ten Commandments

Religious Right Groups Hold Strong Beliefs About The Decalogue, But It Turns Out That Much Of What They Know Just Isn't So

Legislators in Arkansas believe that you can’t fathom America without first understanding the Ten Commandments. “In order that they may understand and appreciate the basic principles of the American system of government, the people of the United States of ... Read »

Pugnacious Plaintiff

An Interview With Southern Baptist Minister Bruce Prescott, Who Successfully Challenged Government Display Of The Ten Commandments In Oklahoma

Editor’s Note: Bruce Prescott is a Southern Baptist minister in Oklahoma and a former member of the Americans United Board of Trustees. Prescott, along with AU chapter activist James Huff, served as a plaintiff in a lawsuit brought by the American Civil L ... Read »