Vandals in Florida threw red paint on the home and truck of a Jewish family that is currently suing to end the local school board's practice of opening meetings with distinctly Christian prayers. According to the Bradenton Herald and the Associated Press, this is not the first time the Rosenauer family has been harrased. Steven Rosenauer has reported receiving a threatening phone call. "If you don't drop this lawsuit, there is going to be trouble," the caller warned.

The Rosenauer family was shocked to discover the use of the Lord's Prayer at the Manatee County School Board meetings when their son was honored for finishing first in a state technology competition. After board members agreed to correct their constitutional transgression, the family discovered that local clergy, now allowed to offer the opening prayer, often mentioned Jesus or made other Christian references.

Because the attack took place during Passover and because of the pending case, the vandalism is being invesitgated as a potential hate crime.