Darla Kayne Wynne, a South Carolina Wiccan, sued Great Falls town officials for opening their meetings with only Christian prayers, and she has won at every level of the courts. Government, the judges held, can't favor one faith over others.

After last month's victory before a three-judge panel of the 4th U.S. Circuit of Appeals, Wynne went home thinking the case was over. A unanimous ruling from the usually conservative court all but ensures that the decision will stand.

However, Great Falls city government is still trying to get the decision overturned. And now, South Carolina Attorney General Henry McMaster has announced that he filed a brief last week urging the full 4th Circuit to re-hear the case. This disappointing move is not likely to impact the result of the case.  

Instead of going on record in favor of religious discrimination, the attorney general ought to use his lawyers to defend the rights of all South Carolina citizens, including Darla Wynne.

Wynne has reported harassment and threats as the case progressed. "I was being called a Satanist," Wynne said. "I've been threatened to be burned out." In addition, she has suffered vandalism of her property to the tune of $30,000.