Religion and politics can be a combustible mixture. In Kentucky, a battle for control of the local Republican party ended in fisticuffs last weekend when two delegates argued over religion. According to the Louisville Courier-Journal, John Lawlor and Peter Hayes became embroiled in a heated exchange over who would attend the upcoming Republican National Convention. The gentlemen had "words" after the convention. Lawlor, who says he "was gay at one time" but isn't now, said Hayes asked whether he was having a sexual relationship with another male Republican. Hayes, a member of Rev. Sun Myung Moon's Unification Church, accused Lawlor of calling him a "Moonie." According to Hayes, Lawlor taunted him, chanting "Moonie, Moonie, Moonie, Moonie, Moonie." At that point, Lawlor claims Hayes "bopped" him on the left arm. Hayes, who believes Lawlor kept him off the delegate list for religious reasons, says he only tried to grab Lawlor's arm to get his attention.

Lawlor, who claims to have suffered a bruise and sore arm, has sworn out a warrant charging Hayes with assault. According to the newspaper, the conflict is scheduled to go into mediation.