As reported in the Friendly Atheist blog, a postal worker in Bremerton, Washington, is refusing to deliver mail to pot shops and an adult video store. Her excuse? Her religious beliefs.

It appears that she does not want to deliver the mail to businesses she views as sinful. This is just another example of a government employee denying basic services to those with whom she disagrees, and trying to justify her actions under the guise of religion. But whether you are a county clerk or a postal worker, refusal to provide people a service because you don’t like the way they live is not religious freedom—it’s discrimination.  

Americans United has long been part of the fight against taxpayer-funded discrimination and government workers who use religion to deny services to others. When Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, we weighed-in as a friend of the court and explained that no federal or state law allows her to deny these couples their constitutional rights. And just this week we celebrated a victory for our clients and secured marriage equality for same-sex couples in Alabama. 

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