Imagine if the local community shelter you support sent you a newsletter telling you who to vote for in an upcoming election. It would be divisive and threaten the organization’s very mission.

For over 60 years, the Johnson Amendment has safeguarded all nonprofit organizations like this shelter. It ensures these organizations can focus on their missions and not have to worry about pressure to endorse or oppose political candidates. If nonprofit organizations were able to use their funds to aid political campaigns, the result would be fewer dollars to spend on carrying out their mission.

On Monday, AU will join organizations and individuals from around the country to celebrate the good works that nonprofit organizations do every day in our communities. And on Mission Monday, you can join us! By showing our strong support for the Johnson Amendment, which allows all of these groups to focus on their missions rather than working on behalf of political candidates or parties, we are helping the nonprofits we support continue to do the good work they are already doing in our communities.

Nonprofit organizations want to focus on their missions of community service, not on politics.

No one wants to see nonprofits and houses of worship in the business of supporting political candidates, and surely no one wants to see communities divided along party lines, with a Republican soup kitchen operating in one part of town and a Democrat shelter in another.

More than 5,500 non-profit organizations agree. So do more than 4,000 faith leaders and almost 100 religious and denominational organizations. You can add your voice by participating in the Thunderclap for Mission Monday.

To learn more about the Johnson Amendment and how it helps nonprofits focus on their mission, check out Project Fair Play.