Today is Election Day. When you are exercising your right to vote, you are voting to protect another critical right – your right to freedom of religion and freedom of conscience, as promised in the First Amendment. This is the most important midterm election in recent history, and your religious freedom is on the ballot today.

We are seeing a movement in this country – of condoning and normalizing violent rhetoric, hate speech and bigotry against religious and other minorities. Some of our leaders in Congress, in the states and particularly in the Trump-Pence administration are leading this movement, using religious freedom as a license to discriminate – especially against women, the LGBTQ community, and religious and other minorities.

Today’s midterm elections are your chance to vote to put an end to this discrimination.

Vote to protect the real meaning of religious freedom in this country: that everyone can freely choose a faith or choose to follow no religious path.

Vote to protect a government that does not promote one faith over another and does not promote religion over nonreligion. 

Vote to protect religious minorities, a woman’s right to affordable health care, LGBTQ rights and other people who also vulnerable to being discriminated against in the name of religion.

Vote to protect religious freedom for all, not just for a select few.

The separation of church and state is THE thread woven throughout many of the issues on the ballot today. Many candidates are determined to close the gap between religion and government. They continuously pander to a narrow group of far-right fundamentalist Christians in order to undermine our nation’s core principle of separation of religion and government that is protected by the First Amendment.

We see it every day in their words and actions – and more importantly, in the laws, policies and regulations they push forward and support, including:

  • Denying LGBTQ people and prospective parents who don’t practice the “right” religion the opportunity to foster children in need of loving homes.
  • Violating the rights of women by denying them access to affordable birth control.
  • Forcing taxpayers to funnel public money into private, mostly religious schools.
  • Violating the rights of students by forcing prayer or religious displays in our public schools.
  • Discriminating against the transgender community.
  • Banning people from entering our country on the basis of their religion.

We cannot allow our elected leaders to impose the religious beliefs of a select few onto all of us. These beliefs have no place in our laws or policies.

Today, please vote. Vote today to protect your right to freedom of religion. Vote to protect the First Amendment of the Constitution – the separation of church and state.