The Christian Coalition of America is again mired in controversy. An Oklahoma direct mail company has taken the group to court over an unpaid $87,000 bill. Although both sides declined to comment, the lawsuit reflects ongoing problems at the once influential Religious Right organization.

Founded by TV preacher Pat Robertson after his failed bid for the presidency in 1988, the Coalition has had its share of ups and downs. After a protracted debate with the IRS, the group was forced to reorganize after its tax-exempt status was revoked for illegal partisan activity.

The Christian Coalition of Texas was renamed Christian Coalition of America and relocated to Washington, D.C. Since that change, the group has been unable to regain its former stature as one of the most powerful brigades of the Religious Right.

A lawsuit over an unpaid bill reflects poorly on the ability of the group to organize itself. Perhaps the difficulties faced by this once menacing group are larger than anyone has previously thought.