We need your help now more than ever to defend the Johnson Amendment – a provision of the tax code that protects the integrity of tax-exempt organizations, including houses of worship, by ensuring they do not endorse or oppose candidates.

Several members of Congress are working with the Trump-Pence administration and have introduced legislation in an effort to – in the president's own words – “totally destroy the Johnson Amendment."

Just last week, a provision was added to a budget bill in the House of Representatives that would severely weaken the Johnson Amendment. This provision would prohibit the IRS from investigating houses of worship that violate the law unless the IRS Commissioner himself first signs off on it and reports it to Congress – making investigations unlikely to ever move forward.

This bill could be up for a vote as early as the week of July 10, so we need your help now to educate your Members of Congress and their staffs about why it is important not to weaken or repeal the Johnson Amendment!

Join us and the many activists across the United States who are visiting the local offices of their elected Representatives and Senators during this Congressional recess, which starts today, July 3, and runs through Friday, July 7. You can drop off literature that will educate the office staff and send the message that the current law provides important protection for houses of worship.

We've put together all of the information you need in order to meet up with your officials and to educate them, and you can find it here.

Activists are meeting with their Members of Congress this week to ask them to protect the Johnson Amendment.

It is so important that you touch base with your Senators and Representative this week. These short visits to their local offices are so much more effective than calling or emailing them. We need to make sure Trump’s voice is not the only one heard when members of Congress consider proposals to change the Johnson Amendment. It’s important that our legislators know the current law protects charities and houses of worship from being used as political tools. And it protects taxpayers, who should not be forced to subsidize the partisan election activities of these organizations.

You'll be giving them important material that will help to educate them for the upcoming fight in Congress over the Johnson Amendment. And you'll be part of a movement of church-state separation activists across the United States doing this exact same thing!

After you visit your Senators and Representative, let us know how it went by emailing Bill Mefford at Mefford@au.org.