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Invocations Invalidated: Federal Judge Strikes Down North Carolina Commission’s Sectarian Prayer Practice

In the wake of the U.S. Supreme Court’s disastrous decision in Greece v. Galloway, it seemed there would be little hope of stopping local governments from opening their meetings with predominantly Christian prayers. Read more

The Decline And Fall Of Just About Everything: Carping About ‘Moral Decay’ Is An Old Game

A recent column by Michael Youssef on OneNewsNow, published by the American Family Association, carried an email subject line: “Who’s to blame for America’s moral decay?”

Talk about a loaded question! It assumes that there has been a moral decline; this is taken as a given. Read more

Greater Houston AU Celebrates 20th Anniversary with Special Guest Barry W. Lynn

Greater Houston AU celebrated the chapter's 20th anniversary by recognizing past leaders and preparing chapter members and supporters for the future. The event featured AU Executive Director Rev. Barry W. Lynn, who spoke on “Separation Anxiety: The First Amendment at Risk.” Barry also previewed his upcoming book "God and Government: 25 Years of Fighting for Equality, Secularism and Freedom of Conscience."
Read more

Massachusetts AU Hosts Rob Boston

The Massachusetts AU Annual Meeting featured author and AU Communications Director Rob Boston who spoke on the topic "Religious Freedom: What It Is and What It Is Not." Rob examined ongoing controversies over the meaning of religious freedom and how Religious Right-led attempts to redefine religious liberty would affect LGBT rights, reproductive rights, access to health care, religion in public education and the equal treatment of all Americans, religious and non-religious. Read more

Naples (FL) AU Hosts Rev. Barry Lynn

The Greater Naples Chapter of Americans United hosted a talk by Rev. Barry Lynn on "Vouchers and the Florida Tax Credit Scholarships."  Florida public education is often under attack by state legislators who want to funnel public money into private, mostly religious, schools.  

A lively question and answer session took place following Lynn's presentation. The event took place March 6th, at the Hilton Naples hotel. Read more