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Dobson's Choice: Perpetually Disgruntled Dogmatist Threatens To Stay Home On Election Day

Is Dr. James Dobson an Old Testament prophet standing in the street corners decrying wickedness and calling for righteousness? Or is he just a crank and a closed-minded zealot?

He thinks he's the former. I lean toward the latter.

This week, the Religious Right leader issued an Election Day jeremiad in which he vowed never to vote for Republican presidential candidate John McCain. Read more

Colorado Collision: Religious Groups Demand Taxpayer Dollars, But Without Anti-Bias Rules

Some religious groups in Colorado are protesting a bill to ban discrimination in publicly funded jobs.

HB 1080, sponsored by House Majority Leader Alice Madden (D-Boulder), would forbid faith-based groups from discriminating based on disability, race, religion and sexual orientation when making employment decisions for publicly funded social service positions. Read more

Presidential Preachment: Campaigns Commandeer Pulpits For Partisan Purposes

Today is Super Tuesday. Naturally, the presidential candidates want to scare up every vote they can. As part of that effort, some of them spent the weekend appearing in churches.

During this election season, Americans United for Separation of Church and State has repeatedly expressed concern about church-based politicking. While we've focused most of our efforts on educating houses of worship, campaign officials have a role to play as well. Candidates and their staff members should not ask houses of worship to engage in possibly illegal activities. Read more

Grisham's Testament: Top-Selling Author Warns Baptists About The Pitfalls Of Church Politicking

Mega-best-selling author John Grisham doesn't deliver public speeches often. But he made a recent exception for a massive national gathering of Baptists in Georgia.

At the "Celebration Of A New Baptist Covenant" in Atlanta over a three-day period, almost 15,000 Baptists from about 30 varying denominations and associations gathered to discuss how to become more involved with helping the less fortunate and less involved with internal divisiveness. Read more

Non-Partisan Pulpit: Texas Televangelist Osteen Keeps Partisan Politics At Arm's Length

Too frequently the 2008 presidential hopefuls, regardless of their party persuasion, appear too eager to commandeer a pulpit on any given Sunday to shill for votes.

Indeed, the Religion Clause blog reports that candidates Hillary Rodham Clinton, Barack Obama and Mike Huckabee all made speeches at Sunday services yesterday in states with approaching primaries. Read more