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Feel The Hate: Religious Right Lies About Conyers Hate Crimes Bill Are Such A Drag

The Religious Right is up in arms about a recently introduced hate-crimes bill by House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers (D-Mich.)

The Rev. Lou Sheldon of the Traditional Values Coalition is swinging wildly as usual, dubbing the measure the "Pro-Homosexual/Drag Queen 'Hate Crime' Bill". Read more

Going Courtin': Religious Right Fat Cats Bankroll Alliance Defense Fund's Legal Crusade

Americans United has been tracking the activities of the Alliance Defense Fund (ADF) since the group's inception in 1993.

Founded by TV preachers and other extreme right-wingers to push the Religious Right's agenda in the courts, the ADF was spawned by James Dobson, D. James Kennedy and Donald Wildmon, among others.

Originally, the group was conceived as a funding pool. The ADF would collect money and dole it out to Religious Right litigators like Pat Robertson's American Center for Law and Justice. Read more

Focus On The Hysterics: Dobson Throws A Fit Over U.S. News Report

Yesterday's "Wall of Separation" noted that James Dobson of Focus on the Family had questioned the religious commitment of former U.S. Sen. Fred Thompson. Dobson charged that Thompson, a Tennessee Republican who is thinking of running for president, isn't really a Christian – even though Thompson belongs to the ultra-conservative Church of Christ. Read more

Behind The Moderate Mask: Dobson Reveals Religious Right Bigotry

Religious Right leaders often try to maintain a façade of tolerance. They don't want to take over the government and force everyone to comply with their religious beliefs, they say; they just want a place at the table. They aren't bigoted toward non-Christians, gays and uppity women who insist on personal freedom; they just happen to love the sinner but hate the sin.

But on a fairly regular basis the real face of the Religious Right pops out. Read more

House Of Prayer: Members Of Congress Exalt Religion, Undercut Constitution

A bipartisan group of U.S. House members offered a simple message to the American people today: "Pray, or God will lift his caring hand from the great nation."

Over three dozen representatives joined U.S. Rep. J. Randy Forbes (R-Va.) on the west lawn of the U.S. Capitol today to urge Americans to pray for the U.S. and its leaders for at least five minutes each week. Forbes, who is also the leader of the Congressional Prayer Caucus, said he hopes "God will hear our prayers and heal our land." Read more

Partisan Pursuit: TV Preacher's 'Religious Freedom' Group Shores Up Support For Bush Administration

It's an adage that not everything is as it seems. And it has been pointed out before that "illusion is the first of all pleasures."

Look at the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ); it's a fine example of an entity aping a nonprofit group dedicated to religious freedom. The organization was founded years ago by televangelist Pat Robertson, supposedly to counter the work of the American Civil Liberties Union. Read more

Special Rights?: Anti-Gay Preacher Says White House Made Him 'Faith-Based' Envoy

A Washington state pastor known for his strident anti-gay rhetoric is claiming he was appointed a "Special Envoy for Adoptions, Family Values, Religious Freedom, and Medical Relief" by the White House Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives – an assertion the White House now denies. Read more

The Religious Right's Pyrrhic Victory: Marriage-Counseling Outfit Tosses Out Bible To Get Public Funds

With the film "300" riding a wave of popularity, ancient warfare is now all the rage. But the Battle of Thermopylae is not the only historical conflict that we ought to know about.

In 279 BC, King Pyrrhus of Epirus defeated the Romans at Asculum. Pyrrhus' victory was bittersweet, however, because of the devastating loss of so many men. Having fewer troops to throw into combat than his opponents, he mourned that his win was effectively a loss. Read more