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North Shore (IL) AU presents Louis Altman

The North Shore (IL) Chapter presents Louis Altman, speaking on "Humanistic Judaism: A Contradiction in Terms?"

The event takes place Thursday, July 21, from 7-9 PM, at the Northbrook Public Library, Pollack Room, 1201 Cedar Lane, Northbrook, IL 60062. Read more

Orange County (CA) Hosts Bonnie Castrey

The Orange County chapter’s July 16th event features Huntington Beach Union High School District Trustee Bonnie Castrey.  She will be speaking on: "School Vouchers: A Threat to Public Education.”  School vouchers undermine religious liberty, divert money to unaccountable private schools, and have repeatedly been rejected by California voters.  Not only that, vouchers don’t improve student performance. Read more

Orange County (CA) Hosts Rabbi Larry Seidman

How Religion Can Help Us Develop The Values We Hold Dear

AU Member Rabbi Larry Seidman will challenge us to examine the two faces to religion.  One side is within us. It deals with our personal values and how we lead our lives.  The other side drives for conformity and dominance in the world.  The two aspects are in tension with each other. Read more

Rochester (NY) Chapter "From Darwin to Dover"

The Rochester, NY Chapter is sponsoring an event to discuss the role of Intelligent Design in American life. “From Darwin to Dover: The Rise and Decline of Intelligent Design,” will feature video from the Nova program “Judgment Day,” a look into the 2005 Dover, PA case ruling ID was inherently religious. Additionally, footage of Judge Jones describing his ruling will complement discussion on the role of science and public school education. Read more

Delaware Valley Chapter (PA/NJ) Hosts Second Annual Church-State Symposium

On Saturday, April 9, the Delaware Valley Chapter of Americans United hosted their Second Annual Church-State Issues Symposium at National Constitution Center in Philadelphia. The all-day event featured lively presentations by an array of speakers. Rev. Barry Lynn delivered the keynote address on "Separation of Church and State--It's Not Just About School Prayer Anymore; It's About Everything".

Orange County (CA) Presents Prof. Wendy Gonave

The Orange County chapter’s April 16th event features Professor Wendy Gonaver.  She will be speaking on: "Freedom of Religion vs. the State Loyalty Oath: A Quaker Pacifist’s Story.”  In 2007 Wendy Gonaver was fired from California State University, Fullerton when she asked to submit an addendum to the state loyalty oath.  Her objection: As a Quaker Pacifist she wanted to be clear that the obligation to “defend the Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic” did not include taking up arms.  Read more

Orange County (CA) AU Hosts Judge Jim Gray

The Orange County AU chapter’s March event features Judge Jim Gray.  He will be speaking on: "Separation of Church & State: The Most Important War and Peace Issue of the 21st Century."  He has noted that some consider this a controversial topic because they see it as an attack on religion.  In response he says: “I simply do not agree with that assessment.  I view this separation as being one of the most important war-and-peace issues of the 21st century. Of course there will be some exceptions, but in general governments that maintain the separation of church and state will be far less likely to be involved in war than those that do not. For example, we all should be concerned today about the governments of Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan and others where religion plays a large part in the affairs of government.”   Given the events of recent weeks this will be very timely. Read more