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Upstate South Carolina AU Hosts Dr. Roger Rollin

Traditionally U.S. chaplains have served the needs of our always diverse Armed Forces without prejudice and without proselytizing. No more. Thanks to the efforts of the Religious Right to recruit fundamentalist chaplains and infiltrate the ranks of our military leaders from Top Brass to Non-Coms, we are in danger of fielding a "Christian Armed Forces for a Christian Nation."  You won't want to miss Dr. Rollin's eye-opening presentation: “Salute if you love Jesus: The Religious Right's Invasion of the U.S.

Northeastern Ohio AU Hosts Forum on Religion in Politics

Northeastern Ohio AU is hosting a forum on "Why the Failure to Keep Religion Out of Politics Hurts Us All."  The event takes place on Wednesday, July 10, at  CWRU School of Law Moot Court Room, 11075 East Blvd, Cleveland, Ohio 44106.

The doors open at 6 PM and refreshments will be served.  The program is scheduled to start at approximately 6:45 PM.

You won't want to miss this lively discussion of why the failure to keep religion out of politics hurts us all. Read more

Clay County AU Presents Dr. Luke M. Cornelius on "School Choice in Florida: What's the Reality?"

Clay County is pleased to present Dr. Luke M. Cornelius, who will speak on "School Choice in Florida: What's the Reality?".  Dr. Corneilus, who is on the faculty at the University of North Florida, has both a law degree and a doctor of philosophy degree in education administration and policy, with an emphasis in educational law and finance.  His area of expertise in educational law will allow him to share his knowledge on this very timely and relevant issue. Read more

Orange County (CA) Screens "How To Die In Oregon"

The Orange County chapter’s April 14th event is a screening of “How To Die In Oregon”. In 1994, Oregon became the first state to legalize aid in dying. As a result, any individual whom two physicians diagnose as having less than six months to live can lawfully request a fatal dose of barbiturate to end his or her life. Since 1994, more than 500 Oregonians have taken their mortality into their own hands. In “How to Die in Oregon,” the film maker gently enters the lives of the terminally ill as they consider whether – and when – to end their lives by lethal overdose. Read more