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Orange County (CA) AU to Host Screening of "The Revisionaries"

On Saturday, January 11, at 1:30 pm, the Orange County Chapter of AU will host a screening of "The Revisionaries: The School Text Book Fights in Texas."  The film is part of the chapter's on-going 'Flicks for Thought' series.  
This documentary portrays the story of what happened when the Texas State Board of Education tried to rewrite science and history text books when a creationist was chair of the Texas School Board.

Delaware Valley (PA) AU to Host Greg Lipper

AU attorney Greg Lipper is speaking tonight at an event hosted by Delaware Valley AU. The title of his talk is “Government, God, and the Town of Greece: The Supreme Court Revisits Legislative Prayer.”  
AU's legal team represents the two women who launched the Town of Greece v. Galloway lawsuit, the first Supreme Court case in more than a decade to consider the limits on government-sponsored prayer.

Winston-Salem AU Hosts Elizabeth Freeze from Planned Parenthood

On Tuesday, October 22, the Winston-Salem AU chapter will host Elizabeth Freeze from Planned Parenthood.  Ms. Freeze will talk about current attacks on women's health care, particularly on birth control and abortion.  AU has spoken out about attacks led by the Catholic Bishops and Religious Right leaders.  Ms. Freeze will share information on the state of women's health care in North Carolina, and how people can get involved in fighting back. Read more

Indiana AU to Screen "God Loves Uganda"

God Loves Uganda is a powerful exploration of the evangelical campaign to change African culture with values imported from America’s Christian Right. In this 90-minute film, producer-director Ross Williams makes the argument that Christian evangelicals—including members of the United States Congress—are using Uganda as a proxy for waging the culture war against “sexual immorality” that they are losing in the United States. Read more

Houston AU Hosts Bishop Gene Robinson

The Houston Chapter of Americans United is pleased to present an evening with Gene Robinson, retired bishop of the Diocese of New Hampshire in the Episcopal Church of the United States of America. Bishop Robinson will be speaking about religious freedom in America and how the Religious Right gets it wrong.  The event takes place Thursday, October 3, from 7:30 to 9 PM, at St.

San Antonio (TX) Hosts First Amendment Workshop

San Antonio AU believes the First Amendment represents the very cornerstone of our freedoms-freedoms that today are under constant attack from religious and political extremists. The Workshop, on Saturday, September 21, from 12-5 PM, is designed to help educate our community so they can be better informed on critically important topics that go to the core of what it means to be an American.
Rob Boston, AU communications director and the author of a number of books on church-state separation and the Religious Right, is the opening speaker.

Indiana AU Hosts Rev. Steven Baines

Tomorrow night the Indiana AU chapter is hosting Rev. Steven Baines, who will speak on the topic "Religious Liberty or Religious Coercion: What is Really at Stake with Religious Freedom in America?"  The event takes place Tuesday, September 10, at 7 PM, at Broadway United Methodist Church, 609 East 29th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46205. Read more

Orange County (CA) AU Hosts Climate Change Discussion

We are heading for a new warming planet, one that we have not seen since before humans walked the Earth; one where our agriculture may no longer feed the world’s people; one where the norms of civilization may cease to exist.  Yet instead of embracing the science, some religious leaders are denying climate change, quoting Biblical passages to support their views.  Unfortunately, there are many in our government who embrace these religious views at the expense of science.  Others deny the science because of moneyed interests who can pay for business as usual.

Central Virginia/Greater Richmond Hosts Rev. Steven Baines

Appreciating separation of church and state is the topic for tomorrow night's panel discussion, hosted by CV/GR AU.  Rev. Steven Baines, assistant field director for religious outreach, is among the panel that includes Rebecca Glenberg, legal director of ACLU of Virginia, and Dr. Ellis West, from the University of Richmond.
Hear why church-state separation is good for both people of faith and secular folks alike.  Gleen talking points for when you discuss church-state separation with family and friends.