Bluegrass Bonanza: Ky. Theocrat Loses Grip On Statehouse Seat

Rob Boston Wall of Separation In the 1970s when the musical “Hair” played in Louisville, Tom Riner, bothered by nudity in the show, leaped on stage and disrupted the performance by waving a Bible. Political news of late has been dominated by three people ... Read »

Political Piety Panned: We Don't Need A 'God's Party'

Rob Boston Wall of Separation A liberal argues that Jesus wants us to help the poor. A conservative comes along and says no, Jesus was actually for self-reliance. We’re left with another edition of Dueling Bible Passages. Every few years, a political pund ... Read »

Religious Freedom For Everyone: We’re FOR It

Maggie Garrett Wall of Separation Placing a religious litmus test on those who may enter the United States is troubling and objectionable for many reasons. This afternoon U.S. Rep. Don Beyer (D-Va.), along with more than 50 other members of the House of R ... Read »