Trump Visits Liberty U And Spews Alternative Facts

Rob Boston Wall of Separation Recent polls show President Donald J. Trump with an approval rating hovering around 39 percent, but there’s one place he can always go to get a whole lot of love: Liberty University. The fundamentalist Christian bastion in Ly ... Read »

Authentic Faith Doesn’t Need Taxpayer ‘Help’

Bill Mefford Wall of Separation When I was in seminary in Wilmore, Ky., I served as a part-time missions pastor at a United Methodist church in town. The church was going through some transitions and was trying to figure out a vision for the coming months ... Read »

In Alabama, Another ‘Family Values’ Politician Falls

Rob Boston Wall of Separation There are people who support separation of church and state in the South – plenty of them. It has been my privilege over the years to meet with some.   They even exist in Alabama. But there’s no denying that many of the resid ... Read »