Around The World: Turkey Pulls Evolution From Curriculum

Turkey’s secular education communities have expressed concern about the state of science education in their country after the concept of evolution was removed from its high school curriculum nationwide.  “The last crumbs of secular scientific education ha ... Read »

Ga. Supreme Court Upholds Private School Tax Credits

In a unanimous June decision, the Georgia Supreme Court ruled that taxpayer money funding private school voucher programs like tuition tax credits (TTCs) does not violate the state’s constitution.  In 2014, a group of Georgia taxpayers sued the Georgia De ... Read »

Darrow Statue Unveiled In Dayton, Tenn.

A statue of Clarence Darrow, the lawyer who defended John T. Scopes when he taught evolution in a Tennessee public school, was unveiled in July in front of the Rhea County Courthouse, the site of the famous Scopes “monkey trial,” in Dayton, Tenn.  Althoug ... Read »

Ky. Approves Bill Promoting Public School Bible Classes

In late June, Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin (R) signed into law HB 128, which allows public schools to offer a Bible class as an elective.  According to the bill, the elective should “provide to students knowledge of biblical content, characters, poetry, and n ... Read »