Schultz v. Medina Valley Independent School District

Closed In May 2011, we learned that the Medina Valley School District in Castroville, Texas intended to sponsor at least two student-led prayers at its upcoming high-school graduation. We soon found out that school officials--including teachers, coaches, ... Read »

Does v. School District of Elmbrook

Ongoing For nearly a decade, the Elmbrook School District near Milwaukee, Wisconsin, held its high-school graduation ceremonies in the sanctuary of an evangelical Christian church. A cross towered over the dais-- upon which graduation speakers addressed t ... Read »

Does v. Enfield Public Schools

Closed Starting in 2007, the Enfield Public Schools (located just north of Hartford, Connecticut) began holding the Schools’ two high-school graduations in the sanctuary of a Christian church, the First Cathedral. An enormous white cross sits atop the Cat ... Read »

Religion in the Public Schools:

A Road Map for Avoiding Lawsuits and Respecting Parents’ Legal Rights

Is school prayer ever permissible? Can a teacher teach about religion in history class? Does creationism belong in a science course? Do students have to learn about things that are against their religion? Questions about the proper role of religion in publ ... Read »

Piety & Politics:

The Right-Wing Assault on Religious Freedom

AU Executive Director Barry W. Lynn explains why we must maintain the church-state wall. ... Read »

The 'Faith-Based' Initiative

Churches, Social Services And Your Tax Dollars

In recent years, elected officials have increasingly advocated giving public funds to religious institutions to provide social services. During his tenure in the White House, President George W. Bush made the “faith-based” initiative a top priority of his ... Read »

Should You Pay Taxes

To Support Religious Schools?

Who should make the decision about how much money you contribute to religious groups — you or the government? Most Americans would have no trouble answering that question. All of us want the right to freely make our own choices about religion. Yet an incre ... Read »

Private School Vouchers

Why They're A Church/State Separation Issue

Americans United fights to oppose private school vouchers because they are a threat to public education and religious freedom. ... Read »

America's Legacy of Religious Liberty- Pass it On

America's Legacy of Religious Liberty - Pass it On

Who should decide when and how you pray? Who should decide how much money you donate to religion? Who should decide how often you attend worship services? ... Read »