If you have been wondering how or even if faith communities can shape public policy in a way that is consistent with the First Amendment, then this conference is for you. Spend the afternoon and evening hearing speakers thoughts on the subject, and attend a variety of workshops that go into detail about related issues.

Other speakers include:

James Dunn—Resident Professor of Christianity and Public Policy at Wake Forest Divinity School and former director of the Baptist Joint Committee, committed to religious liberty and separation of church and state.

Al Staggs— Well-known for his dramatic presentations of significant leaders in the past, he will perform a dramatic presentation of Walter Rauschenbusch, the father of the Social Gospel Movement.

You won't want to miss this informative event, October 16the, from 1-8 PM, at Tripoint, 3233 N. St. Mary’s (just off of 281 near Trinity University), in San Antonio.