This year, the AU Orange County Chapter focused their efforts on writing four letters: 

1)      To the Orange County Board of Supervisors, asking them to reconsider their plan to divert sex education funding from a Planned Parenthood program to an abstinence-only program

2)      To members of Congress, asking them to repeal the 1995 Dickey Amendment, which prevents the Department of Health and Human Services from using any of its funding for research on human embryos

3)      To Governor Schwarzenegger, asking him to make the upcoming National Day of Prayer a truly interfaith event

4)      To President Obama, asking him to end disallow discriminatory hiring practices by federally funded groups as part of his Faith- Based Initiative


Participants enjoyed free coffee and pastries, as well as postage and writing materials, courtesy of Women For: Orange County.  The event was a great success, and nearly 500 letters were mailed on behalf of Americans United!