The program features a discussion on the separation of church and state by a conservative and a progressive member of the Mormon Church: Bill Bollard and Steve Young.  The event will be moderated by AU Board Member, Karla Westphal. 

The debate will focus on the current positions held by Mormons on the separation of church and state and their role in politics today; Mormons are a political force most recently felt during the battle of Proposition 8 in 2008. 

The progressive panelist Steve Young graduated from the University of Utah and Pepperdine University School of Law. He has spent twenty-nine years as a Civil Justice attorney in Orange County. Our conservative panelist Bill Bollard is an experienced trial lawyer, arbitrator and mediator.  Mr. Bollard has tried numerous complex business litigation matters and specializes in all aspects of business litigation including writs and appeals before the California Court of Appeal, Federal Circuit Court of Appeals and the World Court.  Mr. Bollard has also handled complex commercial and criminal matters in Latin America including NAFTA claims.

Attendees are invited to bring questions to participate in the discussion and come and hear the viewpoints of two intellects as they reconcile the law, the Constitution, and their vision for America and their religion.