The West Suburban Chicago and The North Shore Chapters of Americans United for Separation of Church and State presents a special joint session: 2nd Annual “Round Table” DiscussionIs the U.S. Constitution a ‘Living’ Document? Attitudes change, cultures change, societal values change.  Our Constitution is over 200 years old and many feel how it is  interpreted must also change with the times.  Others feel it is a legal document, rigid and inflexible, and is unchangeable except via the amendment process.   Yet we’ve had a varied history with a wide degree of interpretations at all branches of our government, especially the court system, from privacy and states’ rights, to the separation of church and state. As part of our continuing efforts to educate the public about civics and to promote a better understanding of the nature of our Constitution, we will be conducting, for the second year, a “Round Table” discussion to examine the varied aspects of this important document.  We hope to make this event both interesting and intellectually stimulating.  Our goal is to not only to motivate an ill-informed American public, but to satisfy the yearning of those who long to learn more about the foundation of our government.  Oh, snacks and refreshments will also be available. In attendance will be a number of Constitutional scholars as well as everyday citizens who believe in the sanctity of the American Way and the Rule of Law.  If you attended last year’s Round Table Discussion, you’ll remember that audience participation was highly encouraged and contributed greatly to the overall success of the event.  So please come join us again. The event takes place Thursday, October 25, at 7:00 PM, at the Naperville Municipal Center, Meeting Room “A”, 400 S. Eagle St, Naperville, IL 60565.  Admission is FREE, parking is FREE and all are welcome to participate.