Participants walked away with a better understanding of how to do outreach in their local communities, and how to build stronger AU chapters.  We video taped the event and will make it available online soon.

On Monday morning chapter leaders took part in a legislative training, where they learned the finer points about taxpayer funded school vouchers, and how to lobby elected officials.  They put those skills to work on Tuesday, meeting with Senators to discuss the D.C. Voucher Program.

Kathy Miller, president of Texas Freedom Network, was our luncheon keynote speaker on Monday.  She shared the many church-state battles Texas residents have faced in a most energetic fashion!

Later on Monday, chapter leaders had an opportunity to meet with Rob Boston from AU’s communications department; and with Richard Katskee and Ian Smith from the legal department.  Rob outlined how to work with local media, while Richard and Ian went over what to do if you think there is a church-state violation in your community.

We can’t stress enough how important we think it is for our leadership to come together each year.  It’s an opportunity to learn new information, network with chapter leaders from around the country, and spend time with like-minded individuals.  It’s important to recharge your battery every now and then for the challenges we are currently facing.

The field department would again like to thank everyone who took part in the events, and invite all our chapter leaders to join us in the future.