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Man On A Mission: Tom DeLay Says God Has Sent Him On A Crusade To Save The GOP

It's good to know that TV preacher Pat Robertson isn't the only one who gets messages from God these days. The Almighty has also been talking to Tom DeLay, the former majority leader  of the House of Representatives.

God is apparently worried about the rough patch the Republican Party is going through, and he's tapped DeLay to fix it up.

DeLay explains it all in the latest issue of The New Yorker. Read more

No High-Flying Evangelism: Air Force And Army Back Away From Christian Event

On the heels of an Americans United complaint, the U.S. Air Force and Army are distancing themselves from an evangelical Christian event to be held this Memorial Day weekend.

Promotional material about the three-day "Salute to the Troops" celebration strongly implied that it was co-sponsored by the U.S. Air Force and Army alongside several evangelical groups: Task Force Patriot USA (TFP), Lifeway Christian Stores and Holman Bible Outreach International. Read more

Promises, Promises: Evangelical Men's Movement Fails To Score

Remember the Promise Keepers? The evangelical Christian men's organization was all the rage among the Religious Right in the mid to late 1990s. Headed by Bill McCartney, a former University of Colorado football coach, Promise Keepers vowed to usher in a new wave of fundamentalist Christian evangelism that would sweep the nation. Read more

Gingrich And God: Newt Nuzzles Religious Right At Liberty University

Former U.S. House Speaker Newt Gingrich continued his relatively recent conversion to spewing Religious Right rhetoric with a speech about secularism run amok over the weekend at Liberty University.

Before his death last week, TV preacher Jerry Falwell had invited Gingrich to give this year's commencement address. As media outlets noted, Gingrich gave abundant praise to Falwell and claimed his passing should in no way lull "the left" into believing that Religious Right politicos in that mold are a thing of the past. Read more

Heavenly Fortune: Ex-President Bush Cashes In Again At Glitzy Moon Gala

The Washington Times, an ultra-conservative daily newspaper owned by the Rev. Sun Myung Moon, celebrated its 25th anniversary last night – and former President George H.W. Bush was there to wish everyone well.

Bush's relationship with the Moons goes back several years. In 1997, investigative journalist Robert Parry reported that since Bush left office in 1992, he and his wife have appeared at several Moon events and received enormous fees for speeches. Read more

Law & Error: Fred Thompson Misunderstands High Court's Church-State Rulings

In a recent speech to the Council for National Policy (CNP), former U.S. senator and presidential possibility Fred Thompson showed a remarkable misunderstanding of the Supreme Court's church-state rulings.

Thompson chided the federal courts for overreaching their bounds and for distorting the intent of the Constitution. Read more

Falwell's Legacy: Bringing Fundamentalist Churches Into Hardball Politics

The Rev. Jerry Falwell will forever be considered the Founding Father of the modern-day Religious Right in America. Falwell died yesterday at his Liberty University office in Lynchburg, Va. He was 73.

Regardless of your opinion of the often-acerbic televangelist, he should be recognized as the man who helped forge one of today's most powerful blocs of voters. Ronald Reagan's election in 1980, the Republican congressional take-over in 1994 and President George W. Bush's reelection in 2004 all took place with important help from a Religious Right movement Falwell helped jump-start. Read more