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Baptist Boondoggles: Courts In Kentucky Split On Tax Aid To Religion

Although my beloved home state of Kentucky is perhaps best known for its bourbon, burley and basketball teams, there are also a lot Baptists down there. Some of them support church-state separation; some of them don't.

On Monday, some of the ones who don't won a round in a lawsuit involving public funding of religion. A federal district court ruled that folks challenging tax aid to the Kentucky Baptist Homes for Children (KBHC) had no "standing" to bring their case into court. Read more

'Academic Freedom' Fraud: Louisiana Bill Opens School Door To Creationism

You have to give the creationists credit: When the courts knock down one of their schemes for sneaking the Book of Genesis into the public schools, they come right back with another one. You might say their strategies evolve.

Here's a case in point: Louisiana has seen numerous attempts to bring creationism into public schools. It was a Louisiana law that mandated "balanced treatment" between evolution and creationism that the Supreme Court struck down in 1987's Edwards v. Aguillard. Read more

Deceptive By Design: What Exactly Does FRC Want To Teach Our Children About Origins?

Part of my job involves reading Religious Right fund-raising mail and newsletters. It's like stepping into some Bizarro World where up is down, black is white, and truth is determined not by factual evidence but by whatever the Maximum Leader says.

The Family Research Council's Washington Watch is a good example of this. It's always entertaining.

"How FRC Is Fighting Tax-Funded Atheism in Schools," blared the envelope of a recent mailing. As I opened it, I thought to myself, "I'll bet this is about evolution." Read more

Really Big Show: First Freedom First Event To Air In Theaters Wednesday (Good Seats Still Available In Many Areas)

Do you have your free tickets to the national simulcast of "Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Separation of Church and State...but Were Afraid to Ask!" yet?

If not, you better hurry! The event is just two days away and tickets are going fast. Thirty-seven theaters (up from the original 25) nationwide will run the simulcast this Wednesday evening.

Did I mention that's just two days from today? Read more

Silence Isn't Golden: Ill. Legislators Face Revolt Over Mandatory Moment Of Silence Law

It's a fairly tired truism that when government gets involved in the business of prayer, bad things are bound to happen.

Yet government meddling in religion never seems to be a thing of the past. Over and over again, we witness legislatures interfering in what ought to be private matters about prayer. At some point in time, sooner, rather than later I would hope, it would be a great relief if lawmakers at every level from coast to coast were to get a clue and quit playing the religion card. Read more