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A Voucher By Any Other Name: Catholic Cardinal Supports ‘School Choice’ Scheme In New York

Catholic schools have fallen on hard times nationwide, and now the most powerful bishop in the United States is hoping New York’s taxpayers will bail out some of these ailing institutions. Read more

AU Executive Director Rev. Barry Lynn speaks on Religious Liberty

Rev. Barry W. Lynn, executive director of Americans United for Separation of Church and State, will be speaking at two events on Saturday, April 5. The first at 10:30AM at the Congregation for Humanistic Judaism in Sarasota, and the second at 3:00PM at the Congregational Church of Christ in Bradenton.

Presentation on "Religious Liberty: The True, the false and the ugly" Read more

Unreal Estate: Church Refuses To Sell Mansion To Same-Sex Couple

Sometimes it’s acceptable for a house of worship to discriminate.  

No one, for example, could reasonably expect a Catholic church to hire a Jewish rabbi. But does that limited exemption from anti-discrimination laws mean churches are free to refuse to sell real estate to gay couples? A Massachusetts court will soon decide that very issue. Read more

The Pluck Of The Irish: A St. Patrick’s Day Tale About School Prayer

The role of prayer in public schools has vexed the American people for a long time. Much misinformation circulates about what students can and can’t do when it comes to religion in schools.

Occasionally, Americans United Executive Director Barry Lynn or I are asked to discuss this issue on talk radio. Inevitably, someone will phone in and ask, “What’s the harm in a little prayer?” Read more

Educational Swamp: In Louisiana, Scientific Literacy Remains A Flashpoint

Creationism continues to make headlines in Louisiana, where a science teacher is under investigation for an unfortunate letter to the editor. Charlotte Hinson, who teaches in a Caddo Parish public school, wrote to the Shreveport Times after that  newspaper published articles favorable to evolution.

Hinson slammed the articles for treating creationism as an unproven theory, and evolution as fact. “That is strictly opinion,” she wrote.
Read more

Ridiculous Report: Catholic League Finds Anti-Catholicism Lurking Under Every Rock

Lest you forget he exists, Bill Donohue, president of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, has released the organization’s annual report on “anti-Catholicism.” While Americans United certainly doesn’t support anti-religious bias of any sort, Donohue’s definition of discrimination deserves attention for its creativity, if nothing else.

According to the Catholic League, anti-Catholicism pervades American society – but that’s only because the League defines anti-Catholicism as anything that happens that Donohue doesn’t like. Read more

Government Endorsed Religion in State Bills

Several bills moved in state legislatures last week that encourage government-sanctioned prayer under the guise of “protecting” religious freedoms. In reality, these bills merely make it easier to evangelize to captive audiences in a government setting.

Virginia Senate Bill 555 Read more

Rhee’s Misguided Mission: Former D.C. Public Schools Chief Jumps On Voucher Bandwagon

Like Anakin Skywalker turning into Darth Vader, former Washington, D.C., public schools chancellor Michelle Rhee has transitioned from an optimistic public education reformer to a jaded voucher advocate.

You may not be familiar with Rhee, but you should be because she might be affecting public education in your state, despite her thin resume. Read more