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Trouble In Texas: School Board Chairman Seeks Religion In Science Class

The Texas Freedom Network (TFN) on Tuesday revealed a side of "intelligent design" proponents rarely seen by the public at large. The group released a transcript and recording of an extraordinarily candid speech given in 2005 by recently named State Board of Education Chairman Ron McLeroy. Read more

Rewriting History, By George: Washington Recruited Into The Religious Right

George Washington, the patriotic legend has it, could not tell a lie. If only we could say the same about the propagandists of the Religious Right.

In an interview Monday with Focus on the Family Action's CitizenLink Daily Update, Religious Right activist Stephen Mansfield waxes eloquent about the religious character of our first president. Read more

Gold-Plated Gambit: Congress Shouldn't Buy Commandments Commission – Or Its Pricey Decalogue Trinkets

Here we go again.

Religious Right activists are pushing a U.S. House resolution introduced by U.S. Rep. Todd Akin (R-Mo.) that lauds the Ten Commandments Commission.

H. Res. 598 asserts that the House "supports the goals of the Ten Commandments Commission and recognizes the vital contributions of America's tens of thousands of spiritual leaders, churches, synagogues, fellowships, ministries, and organizations participating in" the group's work. Read more

Halt, Christian Soldiers: Pentagon Report Faults Military Support For Evangelistic Group

A new Defense Department report finds that four generals and three other officers improperly used their official positions to promote a fundamentalist Christian evangelistic group.

The officers appeared in 2005 in a 10-minute video for Christian Embassy, a non-profit organization. The video showed the officers, in uniform, explaining the role faith and Christian Embassy play in their lives. Some appear in their offices at the Pentagon. The group used the video as fund-raising tool. Read more

The Bishop And Obama: Robinson's Personal Endorsement Doesn't Violate IRS Rules

Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson endorsed U.S. Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) for president yesterday. So the New Hampshire bishop has violated the Internal Revenue Service's rules on partisan political intervention, and his diocese must lose its tax-exempt status, right?

Wrong. As reported in the Chicago Sun-Times, Robinson took pains to point out that he was issuing the endorsement as an individual, which he may legally do. The newspaper reported, "He [Robinson] stressed that his endorsement was as an individual, not as bishop." Read more

Pat's Pique: TV Preacher Robertson Is Rankled Over Obama Remarks To CBN

Last weekend, U.S. Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) gave a little sermon on church-state relations at an unusual church – TV preacher Pat Robertson's Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN).

In an email Q & A with CBN senior correspondent David Brody, Obama addressed the role of faith in politics and the relationship between religion and government. The Democratic presidential candidate challenged progressives to recognize the potential of faith in addressing social problems, and he challenged evangelicals to respect American religious diversity. Read more

Pushing Pulpit Politics: Southern Baptist Official Twists AU Stance On Churches And Politics

There was a time when the leadership of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) supported religious liberty for everyone, undergirded by the separation of church and state. We tend to forget that many Baptists stood alongside Enlightenment-era thinkers such as Thomas Jefferson and James Madison to build the church-state wall. Read more

Islam And Public Schools: Accommodate, But Don't Promote Religion, Says Muslim Activist

The interminable debate over religion in public schools flared recently when an elementary school in San Diego, Calif., built a short prayer break into the school day. The school believed it was accommodating Muslim students, whose faith requires them to pray five times a day. Critics argued the break amounted to unconstitutional school-sanctioned prayer. Read more