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Mississippi Blues: New Lawsuit Accuses Town Of Anti-Gay Prejudice

The website of Shannon, Miss., advertises the town as a place for growth – and a bulwark of family values.

“Today we take pride in being on the quiet side of county with our relaxed country living where traditions of family, faith, and brotherly love make up who we are today,” it reads. Read more

Ballot Box Blowup: Religious Right Suffers Yet Another Election Day Nightmare

You could say the Religious Right has hit a bit of a rough patch lately.

Last year, President Barack Obama was easily reelected. About seven months later, the U.S. Supreme Court issued two rulings favorable to same-sex marriage. Then this week the Religious Right was force-fed another bitter pill by voters as fundamentalist candidates for public offices suffered defeats in both Virginia and Ohio. Read more

High Noon At The High Court: Justices Hear Arguments In Town Of Greece v. Galloway Case

I spent a frantic morning at the U.S. Supreme Court, where Americans United’s challenge to government-sponsored sectarian prayer, Town of Greece v. Galloway, was argued.

I wasn’t inside the court for the argument, but AU Executive Director Barry W. Lynn, Legal Director Ayesha N. Khan and several other AU staff members were. They reported a spirited session, with both sides being peppered with questions from the justices. Read more

American Theocracy?: Lawsuit Alleges Utah and Ariz. Towns Enforce Religious Edicts As Law

A civil rights lawsuit alleges that the Fundamentalist Church of Latter Day Saints (FLDS) has imposed theocratic rule in Colorado City, Ariz., and Hildale, Utah.

Collectively known as the Short Creek community, the twin towns are considered to be strongholds for the polygamous Mormon offshoot. According to the U.S. Department of Justice, which brought the suit, elected community officials use their authority to enforce the edicts of disgraced church leader Warren Jeffs.
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Generally Nutty: FRC Executive Says Some In The Military Are Itching To ‘Take Out’ President Obama

Military leaders are so disgusted with President Barack Obama that they’d like to launch a coup d’état to get rid of him, but that pesky U.S. Constitution keeps getting in the way, says a retired Army general who now works for the Family Research Council. Read more

Change Of Heart?: Ky. Taxpayer-Funded, Religiously-Affiliated Homes For Children May Hire Gays And Lesbians

A Kentucky taxpayer-funded, religiously-affiliated network of homes for at-risk children that Americans United has fought in court for more than a decade has made a pretty stunning announcement: It might start hiring gays and lesbians. Read more

Biblical Blunder: Proposed Mass. Religion Classes Could Violate First Amendment

Constitutional concerns plague a new bill that would mandate religious education in Massachusetts public schools.

The bill, sponsored by State Rep. Christopher Fallon, would create a mandatory class in Bible and international religions for “the purposes of teaching morality and brotherhood” to high school students.
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Resuming The FEMA Fiasco: U.S. House Continues Effort To Rebuild Houses Of Worship Damaged By Hurricane Sandy

It has been one year since Hurricane Sandy ravaged parts of the East Coast, and lawmakers are still trying to hand taxpayer money to houses of worship to fix damage caused by the storm. Read more

Outrage Over Oath: Religious Right Objects To New Conscience Rules At Air Force Academy

In a shift toward inclusivity, the Air Force Academy has announced that cadets will no longer be required to recite “So help me God” as part of the school’s Honor Oath. The decision followed a complaint by Mikey Weinstein of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation. Read more

Motto Mania: Pa. Lawmaker Proposes Religious Statement For Public Schools

A Pennsylvania state legislator is pushing a bill that would require public schools in the state to post “In God We Trust” signs – but he insists religion has nothing to do with it.

Rep. Rick Saccone (R-Allegheny/Washington) says he merely wants to honor the anniversary of the first appearance of “In God We Trust” on coins, which occurred 150 years ago. Read more