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    Religion-Based Hate Crimes On The Rise

    In the wake of the country’s deadliest attack on Jewish people in Pittsburgh last month, it came as no surprise that when the FBI released its crime statistics this week, they showed another year of increased hate crimes.
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    Keeping The Faith(ful): Continuing to Unite For Separation

    Throughout our history, faith leaders have led the way in advocating for religious freedom for all, including non-believers. People of faith, and particularly Christians, are crucial voices for protecting the separation of religion and government in our country.
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    50 Years Ago, The Supreme Court Protected Teaching Of Evolution In Public School Science Classes

    If it weren’t for a Supreme Court decision in the case Epperson v. Arkansas, which celebrates its 50th anniversary this week, it could still be illegal to teach evolution in some public schools.
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    All Veterans Deserve Honor And Recognition – Not Just The Christians

    The cross is not just an interesting geometric pattern. It’s the predominant symbol of the Christian faith. It has power and meaning – for Christians. It is not a generic symbol for memorializing the dead. It simply can’t play that role, and it’s offensive to all, Christians and non-Christians alike, to try to force it to.