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    New Poll Shows White Evangelicals Still Love Donald Trump

    The Pew report contains an interesting nugget about President Donald Trump’s white evangelical supporters: The more often they go to church, they more likely they are to back him.
  • B Fischer
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    Religious Right Radio Show Host Sympathizes With New Zealand Shooter

    Bryan Fischer, a radio host for the American Family Association, responded to the terrorist attacks on two mosques in New Zealand that killed 50 people by asserting, "I hate Islam." He rambled that if government won't stop Islam, the natural result will be "vigilante justice."
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    Americans United Issues Statement On New Zealand Mosque Attacks

    “Our hearts are heavy today as we try to comprehend the aftermath of the tragic murders of 49 people and the wounding of at least 20 others in New Zealand," said AU President & CEO Rachel Laser. "This brutal attack by a white nationalist is another reminder of the threat posed by the global reach of hateful extremism and ideologies based on division, fear and violence. We must stand united against this growing plague of hate.
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    Middle School Students Create Winning Documentaries On Church-State Separation

    Americans United often gets requests for assistance from students seeking information and research about separation of church and state. I try to do what I can to help. I believe that if a young person has an interest in our issues, we should encourage it.