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  • same sex wedding
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    Lawmakers In Two States Consider Mean-Spirited ‘Parody Marriage’ Bills

    No one should make the mistake of assuming that proposals like this are just jokes. They’re introduced to make a point, and they send a real message of harm to an entire segment of our population. They openly ridicule and mock people for seeking something that most folks want – a loving relationship with a partner that is legally recognized by the government.
  • Rachel Laser
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    Standing Together For The Separation Of Church And State

    Rachel Laser, AU’s new executive director, introduces herself and her vision for building a coalition of advocates who understand that church-state separation is the foundation of religious freedom for all.
  • Press Release

    Rachel K. Laser Named New Executive Director Of Americans United For Separation Of Church And State

    "Rachel is the dynamic and visionary leader that Americans United needs right now. She’s committed to this cause, she’s smart, she knows how to work with diverse audiences and form partnerships with like-minded groups and, most importantly, she’s a fighter," said the Rev. Dr. Neal Jones, president of AU’s Board of Trustees.
  • Muslim student
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    Texas Councilman Called Out For Anti-Muslim Rhetoric

    Residents and city officials in Plano, Texas, are calling out the anti-Muslim rhetoric of one of Plano’s council members. Elected officials should ensure that all Americans, regardless of their beliefs, are treated with fairness, equality and respect.