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  • Americans United interns rally at the Supreme Court
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    Americans United’s Interns Reflect On An Action-Filled Week Of Church-State Separation Advocacy

    AU's interns reflect on an action-filled week for church-state separation advocates, which included rallies at the U.S. Supreme Court to protest decisions in the Muslim ban and a reproductive rights case, responding to the retirement announcement of Justice Anthony Kennedy and filing a new federal lawsuit against the Trump administration and the University of Notre Dame.
  • kids do science
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    Creationists Fail To Remove Science Textbooks In Fla. County

    Creationists who attack textbooks aren’t trying to get better science in the schools, despite what they claim. They’re on a religious crusade. They certainly don’t have any actual science on their side, and millions of Christians dispute their theological claims as well.
  • U.S. Senator Mazie Hirono speaks into a microphone
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    Members Of Congress Showed Up To Denounce The Supreme Court’s Muslim Ban Ruling and Call for a Legislative Fix

    On the steps of the U.S. Supreme Court Tuesday morning, Americans United, allies and activists gathered to hear community leaders and government officials speak in opposition to the Court’s ruling that allowed President Donald Trump’s Muslim ban to remain in effect indefinitely. Several members of Congress were present, and they promised to continue fighting to protect Muslims and religious freedom in American.
  • Reagan and Kennedy
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    Justice Kennedy: A Mixed Bag On Separation Of Church And State

    Kennedy’s announcement that he is retiring is cause for sadness and alarm – mainly because Trump gets to replace him. While Kennedy was often wrong on separation of church and state, he was right just enough to make him an important swing vote on some occasions.