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    Celebrate Public Schools Week By Debunking False Claims By The Religious Right

    Public schools can teach about religion objectively, and many do so. Information about religion can be woven into classes on history, art, literature and other disciplines. As long as the approach is objective and the intent is to impart information and not proselytize, there won’t be a problem.
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    This Week, We Celebrate America’s Public Schools

    Educating millions of youngsters is a mammoth undertaking, and our public schools must have support to do it right. Unfortunately, the Trump-Pence administration isn’t interested in helping public schools.
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    ‘Nones’ Are On The Rise. What Does That Mean For America?

    The “nones” – people who are nonreligious or have no religious preference - are on the rise in America. What does it mean for politics, culture and the separation of religion and government?
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    Discriminatory Foster-Care Bills Continue To Surface In The States

    Legislators in Arkansas and Tennessee want to allow taxpayer-funded foster-care agencies to refuse to work with people they deem to be the "wrong" religion – the same discrimination faced by our client Aimee Maddonna, a South Carolina woman who was turned away from helping children in foster care only because she's Catholic.