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    This Week, We Celebrate America’s Public Schools

    Educating millions of youngsters is a mammoth undertaking, and our public schools must have support to do it right. Unfortunately, the Trump-Pence administration isn’t interested in helping public schools.
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    ‘Nones’ Are On The Rise. What Does That Mean For America?

    The “nones” – people who are nonreligious or have no religious preference - are on the rise in America. What does it mean for politics, culture and the separation of religion and government?
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    Discriminatory Foster-Care Bills Continue To Surface In The States

    Legislators in Arkansas and Tennessee want to allow taxpayer-funded foster-care agencies to refuse to work with people they deem to be the "wrong" religion – the same discrimination faced by our client Aimee Maddonna, a South Carolina woman who was turned away from helping children in foster care only because she's Catholic.
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    New Poll Shows White Evangelicals Still Love Donald Trump

    The Pew Research Center report contains an interesting nugget about President Donald Trump’s white evangelical supporters: The more often they go to church, the more likely they are to back him.