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    Americans United Demands Transparency From DOJ’s Secretive Religious Liberty Task Force

    “The Religious Liberty Task Force is yet another example of how the Religious Right wields unprecedented authority within the Trump-Pence administration,” said Rachel Laser, president and CEO of Americans United. “To make matters worse, the DOJ is operating this task force behind closed doors without any oversight by the American people. That is unacceptable.”
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    An Important Religious Freedom Law Turns 25 – And It’s Time For A Tune-Up

    Although RFRA is still sometimes used for good – like protecting Sikh soldiers barred by Army regulations from serving their country while wearing their articles of faith – it is now too often exploited to justify discrimination and other harms to others.
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    AU Shedding Light On DOJ’s ‘Religious Liberty’ Task Force

    AU demanded that the Department of Justice (DOJ) divulge records that reveal the circumstances and the people involved in the creation of the so-called Religious Liberty Task Force – a murky unit within DOJ that was launched by former Attorney General Jeff Sessions in July.
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    Religion-Based Hate Crimes On The Rise

    In the wake of the country’s deadliest attack on Jewish people in Pittsburgh last month, it came as no surprise that when the FBI released its crime statistics this week, they showed another year of increased hate crimes.