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    Americans United Has A Long, Proud Record Of Supporting Public Schools

    Over the years, Americans United played a key role in dozens of church-state cases dealing with public aid to religious education, often representing parents and taxpayer in court or filing briefs.
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    The Florida Legislature Ends Their Session By Harming Public Schools

    On the eve of Public Schools Week, Florida's Legislature passed and its governor signed an education funding bill that harms public schools and religious freedom by creating and expanding private school voucher programs and requiring "In God We Trust" signs to be posted in public schools.
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    Public Schools Week: Join AU In Proclaiming Your Support For Public Education!

    Americans United and our supporters are excited that Public Schools Week gives us the opportunity to express how much we appreciate our public schools as diverse, inclusive, welcoming spaces that are the building blocks of vibrant learning communities. You can share your own story so that we can amplify why we #LovePublicEducation!
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    Groups Demand Information From Notre Dame And Trump Administration On Contraceptive Coverage Settlement

    “The government must not allow religion to be used as a basis to deny women access to birth control to which they are legally entitled,” said Rachel K. Laser, AU executive director. “Our goal today is to find out what’s going on at the University of Notre Dame and determine what steps need to be taken to ensure that students and faculty have seamless access to the full range of contraception.”