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  • Trump at VVS
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    Religious Right Silence Enables Trump’s Racism

    Religious Right sycophants either overlook his gross antics or find some way to excuse them. No matter what Trump does – whether it’s boasting about sexually assaulting women, selling our nation out to the Russians, cozying up to dictators or lying repeatedly – the Religious Right simply does not care because he delivers for them politically.
  • no god banners
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    In A Fuss Over Flags, Fort Worth Vandals Attack ‘No God’ Banners – And Free Speech

    The Fort Worth government in this case treated a non-religious viewpoint the same as a religious one. It was the right thing to do. It’s too bad the vandals don’t agree.
  • Rachel's family
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    Embracing An Important Lesson: Learning When To Let Go

    Church-state separation is rooted in the notion that religious beliefs are stronger when the government lets go and people come to them on their own. It is based on the idea that forcing one religion on everyone leads to fighting, even bloodshed.
  • pensive student
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    Public Schools And Fringe Beliefs: A Bad Mix

    All too often, kids’ education is put secondary to discredited beliefs, whether that is teaching a version of creationism or promoting bogus 'Christian nation' views in social studies classes.