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September events - Austin AU

Austin AU, one of our newest chapters, had an action-packed September. Chapter members distributed AU's Project Fair Play letters to houses of worship in their community. They also held a discussion on national church-state separation issues, such as the Park 51 Islamic Center proposed to break ground near 'Ground Zero' in NYC, and a recent court decision on embryonic stem cell research. They rounded out the discussion by talking about a local issue regarding discrimination faced by Equality Texas members at St. Edward's University in Austin.

This is an energetic group! If you would like to be involved with them contact Sarah Weis at

September events - Nashville AU

Our Nashville chapter held an event on September 11. A three way dialogue on separation of church and state featured Hedy Weinberg, executive director of ACLU-Tennessee, Rev. David Kidd, a retired Presbyterian minister, and Nashville AU chapter vice president Charles Sumner. Each of the panelists has a long history of advocacy on behalf of church-state separation.

To learn more about the Nashville AU chapter visit

September events at GEORGIA AU

Our Georgia AU chapter took part in the September 11 East Cobber Parade. The annual parade was particularly eventful this year, falling on the anniversary of the September 11 tragedy

Chapter members helped educate their community on the importance and value of church-state separation. If you would like to be involved in future Georgia AU events check the chapter's meet up web site at .

Scofflaws In The Pulpit: Tenn. Clergy Plan To Violate Federal Law Barring Church Electioneering

This Sunday, a group of Tennessee preachers is looking forward to breaking the law.

At least that’s what they told The Tennessean, which reported that seven pastors in the state will “bait” the IRS by endorsing candidates from the pulpit. A provision in the Internal Revenue Code bars all 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organizations, which includes houses of worship, from intervening in elections.

Giving The Devil His Due: FRC Staffer Says Americans Who Fail To Toe The Religious Right Line Are Serving Satan

Are you an agent of Satan?

Kenyn Cureton is worried that you might be. Cureton is vice president for church ministries for the Family Research Council. During the FRC’s recent “Values Voter Summit,” he warned attendees at a breakout session on churches and politics to be ready for some intense action.

“The battle that we’re fighting,” he said, “is not just a political and cultural battle, it’s a spiritual battle.”

And when a battle is spiritual, you can be sure that some people are serving the wrong side.

Flag Furor: North Carolina Town Battles Over Christian Banner

Americans United has always strived to educate the public about what the Constitution says about religious freedom.

Some days, we feel we have done a good job and that most Americans really do understand that keeping the government separate from religion is the only way to secure religious liberty for all. Other days, however, we are reminded of how much more work we have ahead of us to make that message clear.

Today is one of those disappointing days.

Leland’s Lost Legacy: Southern Baptists Honor Foe Of Church-State Separation

Poor John Leland. He must be spinning like a top in his grave in Cheshire Cemetery in Cheshire, Mass.

You may not know Elder Leland, but you ought to. He was a Baptist preacher and great stalwart of civil and religious liberty in our nation’s founding period. An ardent ally and supporter of James Madison and Thomas Jefferson, he railed against government meddling in matters of faith and demanded a complete separation of religion and government.

Lost Weekend: Scaling The ‘Values Voter Summit’ With The Rancorous Religious Right

This weekend promises to be interesting: Today and tomorrow, I’ll be surrounded by hundreds of far-right fundamentalists who hate the separation of church and state, despise the work of Americans United and believe people like me (and, most likely, you) are a threat to the nation.

Yep, it’s the annual “Values Voter Summit” sponsored by the Family Research Council (FRC) and allied organizations – two big days of food, folks and fundamentalism!

More Trouble In Texas: State School Board (Sigh) Considers Ridiculous Resolution

I really never thought the Texas State Board of Education (SBOE) could become any more of a laughing stock than it already is. But I guess I was wrong.

Next week, the SBOE will consider a resolution that criticizes publishers for supposedly promoting anti-Christian/pro-Islamic bias in world history textbooks.